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Amazing nutrition, "gift from nature!"

Baobab fruit powder is a food for the MIND, BODY and SOUL! There is no other natural food that compares to this wonderful "gift from nature".


A unique blend of natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins packed in a delicious natural food source.


Compare the nutritional facts here.

1000 Grams (1kg) Baobab Fruit Powder £25.00!

Best value for money. 1000 grams (1KG) pure 100% wild harvest baobab fruit powder.

1000grams baobab fruit powder reseal bag

1000 grams (1kg) baobab fruit powder, in resealable strong foil bag - click here for online shop. 


Baobab powder Key facts:

- Low in sugar.
- Low in fat.
- Very high in fibre.
- Single serving (10 grams per day) of baobab provides 30% of your daily intake of fiber. Fiber helps maintains a health diegestive track.
- Helps reduce cholesterol (including LDL), which reduces risk of heart diease or strokes.
- Contains rich array of vitamins and minerals not found in other fruits.

See Scientific section under About Baobab:

  • 10 x the antioxidant level of oranges.
  • 6 x more Vitamin C than oranges.
  • 6 x more antioxidants than cranberries, blueberries and blackberries.
  • 4 x more potassium than a banana.
  • 2 x more calcium than milk.
  • 2 x more antitoxidants than goji berries.
  • More magnesium than spinach.
  • Excellent ingredient in diets for diabetics (notably type II Diabetes).
  • Displays antioxidant capacity by fighting against the formation of free radicals.
  • Great complement in diets for celiac diseases.
  • Antiviral properties.
  • Gluten free and ready-to-mix.
  • Long shelf life of between 24-36 months.
  • Naturally dry powder, simple to store and transport.

Baobab Oil

Baobab seeds are extremely hard and are cold pressed to produce this fine grade Baobab Oil. Baobab Oil is high in vitamin A, E and F. Baobab seed oil is a carrier oil, suitable for mixing and blending with your formulations. It can be used neat.


Our baobab oil is unrefined (not mixed with anything and not blended or thinned), beautiful golden yellow in colour with a slight nutty scent. Baobab oil is highly penetrating, deeply nourishing and softens dry skin. It is known to restore and re-moisturize the epidermis. The characteristics of baobab oil are:

  • Moisturizing for dry skin and hair.
  • Absorbs easily and quickly.
  • Improves the skin’s elasticity.
  • Cell regenerator.
  • Relieves eczema.
  • Relieves psoriasis.
  • Alleviates pain from burns and regenerates epithelial tissue quickly.
  • Gives the skin tone and elasticity.
  • Can be used as a "anti sun burn" cream.
  • Golden Yellow with nutty scent.

What is Baobab Oil used for?

Baobab seed oil can be used for numerous applications, some are listed here:

  • Moisturisers, creams and anti-ageing products.
  • Skin care products or used "as is" mixed with a few drops of water.
  • Bathing Soaps, lotions and shower creams.
  • Lip balms / lipsticks.
  • Hair care products.
  • Perfume.
  • Massage oils & Aromatherapy.
  • Skin burns. Helps repair skin damage (avoid applying to open wounds).

For external use only.

Baobab Condiments & other products

Baobab can be used to create a whole range of healthy foods and drinks. Condiments is one good example. This delicious sweet Chilli jam was produced by BIM's Kitchen using our Baobab. For other great ideas on foods and recipes, please check out our recipes page.