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Baobab fruit powder, the healing food

It's all about the Baobab.......and YOU!

We primarily specialise in the bulk supply of Baobab fruit powder and Baobab oil to large corporates, mid market companies and global ingredient suppliers. We own our entire end to end process which enables us to offer the highest grade product at the best prices. We ship internationally out of our London based hub and with our experience in the market can offer a solution to suit your needs.


The human body needs minerals, nutrients and vitamins to live. Most of what we eat today is heavily processed and heavily farmed foods. Much of it does not contain any minerals, nutrients or vitamins. It is basically too much fats, salts (sodium), sugars and preservatives. None of these are any good to you in the quantities we consume these days (fast foods!) and it is possible that excessive amounts can have a negative effect on your health, especially during later years of your life.

Baobab fruit powder is a complete natural pure food. Untamed by humans, it grows in wild forests (not on organic farms) and the fruits contain nutrients, minerals and vitamins all "apportioned" as nature intended. It is the most nourishing food that you will ever give your body.

A regular 5 grams of baobab fruit powder mixed in with your daily food will go a long way to ensuring that your nutrient levels are maintained. Higher amounts (15 grams per day) can be taken if you perform regular work outs and need that little more.

Baobab powder

Baobab fruit powder (or pulp as it is commonly referred to) comes from the adansonia digitata species of the Baobab tree and it is a naturally dry fruit powder that can be eaten by itself or utilised more effectively as an ingredient. There are currently hundreds of applications of Baobab out in the market today, including smoothies, cereal bars, sweets, chocolate, tea and juice just to name a few.

Everyday we hear about new Baobab applications and we are confident that Baobab is the best supplementary ingredient to any food or drink. Consumers have been health conscious for a long time now with a strong health foods market globally. Baobab is a quick and easy way to create nutritious and healthy food and drink.

Baobab is beautifully sculpted by nature as it contained a balanced combination of healthy vitamins and is packed with antioxidants. It's versatility as a naturally dry powder makes it difficult to beat as an addition to any food or drink. Baobab fruit powder has a long shelf life, typically up to 4 years, which allows the product to be stored for long periods of time (ambient stable environment).

As a bulk option we currently supply our product in 20kg sealed bags.

Baobab oil

Baobab seeds, encased in the hard seed is the crust that holds the precious baobab oil.

Baobab seeds are extremely hard and are cold pressed to produce this fine grade Baobab oil. Baobab oil is high in vitamin A, E and F. Baobab seed oil is a carrier oil, suitable for mixing and blending with your cosmetic formulations (EXTERNAL USE ONLY). It can be used neat on skin (not on open wounds).

Our baobab oil is unrefined (not mixed with anything and not blended or thinned), beautiful golden yellow in colour with a slightly nutty scent. Baobab oil is highly penetrating, deeply nourishing and softens dry skin. It is known to restore and re-moisturize the epidermis. Baobab oil can relieve the effects of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Baobab oil is also proven to improve skin elasticity making it a valuable addition to creams and lotions. Many high end commercial products now use Baobab oil including shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, soaps, hand creams and lotions for skin conditions and lip balms.

As a bulk option we currently supply 20 litre drums with a shelf life of 4 to 5 years (ambient stable environment).

Baobab Seed Oil Characteristics
Golden yellow colour
Fine carrier grade, thin oil, suitable for mixing and blending
Absorbs easily and quickly.
Improves the skin’s elasticity.
Cell regenerator.
Relieves eczema.
Relieves psoriasis.
Alleviates pain from burns and regenerates epithelial tissue quickly.
Gives the skin tone and elasticity.
Can be used as a "anti sun burn" cream.
100% natural unrefined oil

Application of Baobab oil

All oils have a chemical profile that determines the natural source of the oil. In particular baobab oil has specific chemical tolerances that define baobab oil for what it is. We use a international accredited laboratory (rssl.com) to perform scientific analysis of our oil to ensure that our customers get what they pay for. Our oil is scientifically certified.

Baobab Seed oil can be used for numerous applications, for example:
Moisturisers, creams and anti-ageing products.
Skin care products or used "as is" mixed with a few drops of water.
Bathing Soaps, lotions and shower creams.
Lip balms / lipsticks.
Hair care products.
Massage oils & Aromatherapy.
Skin burns. Helps repair skin damage (avoid applying to open wounds).

Product offerings

Both Baobab powder and oil are now available in large wholesale quantities.

Please email us directly on sales@mightybaobab.com if you wish to order or obtain more information.

Other applications

Baobab fruit powder can be used to create a whole range of healthy foods and drinks.

Condiments is one good example. Bim's Kitchen have produced an entire range of sauces and condiments using our Baobab.

Baobab oil can be used to create wonderful high quality cosmetic applications.