Mighty Baobab Limited

Who are we?

Baobab Fruit powder global markets

Mighty Baobab limited is a European Union Commission approved supplier of baobab fruit powder based in London. Mighty Baobab Limited is a baobab harvesting company.

We specialise in the harvesting, collection, extraction and export of natural Baobab products from Africa to global markets. We supply to clients all over the world including the United States, Europe, Asia and Far East.

We own the end to end supply chain of Baobab harvesting, extraction and supply. With no middlemen, our costs are lower and we can therefore pass on these savings to customers.

We are able to maintain greater control and quality of our baobab production by managing the entire process to ensure the highest quality powder and oil end up in your products.

Scientific tests have proven our Baobab to yield the highest nutritional value out of other Baobab products in the market.

We are committed to ensuring that workers in Africa receive decent levels of pay and benefit from the sales of Baobab and we are also working with Practical Action UK to ensure the continued survival of baobab trees.