Baobab Fruit Powder King of Superfruits

King of the superfruits...

Baobab Fruit Powder, superfruit like no other!
Baobab Fruit, King of Superfruits

Baobab fruit powder is extracted from the Baobab fruit by a simple mechanical process that separates the powder from the seeds. There is no additional processing involved. It is as nature intended. The powder is a lovely ivory colour. The taste is tart, lemon curd, some alike it to melon, some say it is like pear. Everyone agrees that it is the best natural source of food.

The powder is used as food ingredient in a variety of food formulations. Baobab fruit powder contains high levels of vitamins, nutrients, micro nutrients and antioxidants.

Baobab trees are traditionally handed down from one generation to the next and ownership rights are managed by the village chief.

The fruit is traditionally consumed in Africa by children, expectant mothers and senior citizens. The high content of vitamins and nutrients helps fight off illnesses and provides excellent source of nourishment.