The infamous Baobab pod

The baobab fruit pod is a hard casing about 1/4 inch thick and extremely hard and remains sealed even once off the tree. It is sliced open with a mechanical cutter or broken by smashing against a hard surface. We professionally open the pod to ensure nothing is lost from the insides.

The ivory/peach colored flesh is inside the pod and is completely dry on a mature fruit on harvest. The flesh is surrounded by seeds and held together with fibers.The flesh, seeds, fibers and leaves are nutritious.

Baobab is a special fruit, there is no doubt about this. In fact most parts of the baobab tree have some use. For example, the bark is used to make rope. On a fully grown tree, the trunk can hold thousands of gallons of water and during harsh dry seasons the water is extracted from the trunk using a hollow pole or rod that is inserted into the trunk. The leaves make a delicious high energy soup.

Baobab Fruit pods
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