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Our Story

Our connection with baobab fruit powder goes back to the 1940's in Mombasa, Kenya. The family picked baobab fruits from baobab trees that grew "wild" all over the coastal province and still do today. The chalk like chunks of the fruit were easily beaten and turned into powder. The powder was mixed with chili powder and some salt and eaten. Other times it was mixed with sugar and enjoyed as a treat. Others made natural sweets mixed in with hibiscus flower colour, mixed with sugar and sold in the local markets, which still goes on today. Fast forward to 2009, Mighty baobab was formed to work with local communities to harvest baobab fruit powder for global markets. We were given EU Commission approval in 2010 following a lengthy process to supply baobab fruit powder to EU Commission markets. We are also US FDA approved to supply baobab fruit powder to US markets. 

We are committed to the EU Community and ensure that all our process and procedure meet sustainable, environment and ethical guidelines. We are also committed to indigenous communities whom we work with.  

Mighty Boabab Limited supplies baobab for bulk and retail sales. Here are some of our products:

20kg Bulk baobab

fruit powder

1kg baobab

fruit powder

200 grams 

baobab fruit


1 litre

baobab seed oil

5 litres

Baobab seed oil

16 tubs x 200g 

baobab fruit powder

For bulk sales, please use the Contact Us form.

For retail sales, please visit our shop.

20 litres Bulk 

baobab seed oil

300ml Baobab oil

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