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How is baobab powder made?

Baobab fruit powder is not made by humans! It is fashioned by nature. The powder comes from baobab fruit pods. It is naturally dry and formed into "chunks". A simple mechanical process breaks down the chunks, seperates the seeds and powder,. Simple! 

How is baobab oil made?

Like the powder, the oil is also not made by humans per say but extracted from the seed "kernel". Baobab seeds are extremely hard and require a tremendous amount of gradual force using a mechanical press to extract a very fine, rich, stable oil.


The scientific characteristics of baobab seed oil are as follows:

  • Golden yellow colour

  • Fine carrier grade, thin oil, suitable for mixing and blending

  • Absorbs easily and quickly.

  • Improves the skin’s elasticity.

  • Cell regenerator.

  • Relieves eczema.

  • Relieves psoriasis.

  • Alleviates pain from burns and regenerates epithelial tissue quickly.

  • Gives the skin tone and elasticity.

  • Can be used as a "post sun burn" cream.

  • 100% natural unrefined oil

  • Slight nutty scent

Baobab fruit powder is a Carbon Neutral product as it is dervied from raw organic source. No additional processing is performed besides packaging. 

Baobab fruit powder is 100% Vegitarian. It is a plant-based fruit. 

Baobab fruit powder is Wild Harvested from amazing baobab trees. Completely NoN-GMO!!!

No animal testing of any kind has been done for the production of baobab fruit powder. 

Baobab fruit powder is Ethically sourced from homestead owners and women co-operatives. 

There are NO Added Preservatives to baobab fruit powder. Baobab fruit powder is completely natural. 

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